Antipasti (Appetizers)

  1. 1.Calamari Fritti
       Deep fried squid served with homemade marinara sauce

  2. 2.Portobello
        Fresh Portobello mushroom baked with crab meat and prawn finished with rich gorgonzola sauce.

  3. 3.Vongole
        Sauteed clams and mussel simmered in a white wine sauce.

  4. 4.Terra-mare
        Sea scallops wrapped in Parma ham.

  5. 5.Bruschette al Pomodoro
        Toasted slices of bread topped with diced tomato, sliced garlic, basil leaves and parsley.

  6. 6.Carpaccio di Manzo
        Sliced raw beef tenderloin dressed in olive oil and lemon juice topped with rocket leaves and shaved parmesan cheese.

  7. 7.Caprese di Bufala
        Fresh buffalo’s mozzarella with tomato, basil leaves and extra virgin olive oil.

  8. 8.Terrina (Vegetarian)
       Grilled assorted vegetables drizzled in aged balsamic vinaigrette.

  9. 9.Antipasto Italiano
        Mixed hot and cold appetizer platter.

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